From The Chaplain

Dan Workenaour – January 1, 2021

This past year has been hard on many of us. Some lost their jobs, their business, and lost a loved one or close friend. We strive to stay ahead and not let COVID run our lives, but to circumvent this virus by wearing masks and social distance ourselves the best that we can. There appears to be a light starting to shine in the form of a vaccine. I am also hearing that some people who has not been affected by the virus refusing to take the vaccine. It is a choice… or is it? With the virus variants, will this vaccine be effective? Only time will tell when this year of hell is over with.

During 2020’s spring, summer, and fall, the Riders manage to pull together and ride. Although many parades were cancelled, others municipalities manage to modify their events to incorporate social distancing. West Allis Alderman Stacy Stefanski managed to convince their city’s board to have a 4th of July parade. It was well received and the American Legion Riders were a part of that.

As Legion Riders, we can create our own rides and events or plan a trip to an event. The Three-Wheel Rally to Deadwood, S.D. is forming well. Another ride that has been brought up is a ride around Lake Michigan (maybe the Circle Tour). We should also be thinking about day or weekend trips. I am sure many of you have explored Wisconsin. If you have a destination in mind or a road that is less traveled, let us know.

Ride therapy is important whether you are alone or with a group. The freedom we have when we ride our motorcycles is nothing less than euphoric. This is also true with God. When I read or listen to the bible, there are many passages that lifts up my spirit.

Today we start anew to push out from the shore into new, uncharted waters. Whatever we face, He’s with us. and He has the power to calm the waters.” Sheridan Voysey.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.” – Isaiah 43:2